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A healthy, thriving membership program is the most vital asset of a museum or not-for-profit group. Membership is the lifeblood of an organization. MEMBERS MAKE AN ORGANZIATION COME ALIVE!

A HEALTHY MEMBERSHIP program provides...

People and community support… loyal followers who believe in and support all that your organization does are important assets.

Economic support… a viable membership program provides a stable, predictable income for your institution.

A base for other fundraising…. builds a dependable donor base from your membership constituency.


An invaluable word-of-mouth authentication for your organization and its mission.

Membership Consultants can help you achieve the maximum potential of your membership program. We serve the needs of the total program, not just direct mail needs. Most importantly, we operate from a marketing perspective.

With these unique qualities, Membership Consultants can help make your membership program become a premier program.

Membership Consultants is a full service resource for any membership organization. Whether yours is a museum, zoo, botanical garden, association, performing arts organization, or other not-for-profit group, no other firm matches what Membership Consultants can do for your membership program.

Membership Consultants will custom tailor our services to fit your goals and needs, saving your organization countless hours and precious resources. Let our team of experts help you to maximize the success of your program while increasing your membership enrollment and revenue.

Case Study

Missouri History Museum – New Additions with New Offerings

New leadership can often translate to a new focus and energy for a membership program. At the Missouri Historical Society a new Vice President for Advancement began her tenure with a goal of increasing the Society’s 4,500 membership while also growing the prospect pool to focus on an upcoming capital campaign to fund a new museum expansion.

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